Posted on Jul 25, 2019

I Touch Surgical

Aircast Short Walker Boot

If you are suffering from
1) Foot injury and/or sprain,
2) Metatarsal fracture,
3) mid-foot and hind foot injuries,
4) hallux valgus & Bunionectomy,
5) soft tissue injury
6) Stress & Stable fracture of foot
7) Severe Ankle Sprain
then Aircast Short Walker Boot is the perfect product for you.

Aircast is a world number 1 brand for pneumatic walker boot. This boot not only provides the comfort to the patient but helps the patient to recover faster than normal cast. Unlike regular cast, Aircast boot can removed and re-worn by the patient. Its pneumatic aircells provides complete immobilization for faster recovery. Its weight bearing technology helps to reduce the weight on injured portion. Its rocker bottom sole helps patient to gain natural gait.

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